H2Oarts Automated Musical Water Feature System
H2Oarts Automated Musical Water Feature System

Water Feature Automation is the mainstay of H2Oarts’ business because our offerings are truly unique in the marketplace, and vastly flexible + scalable.

At minimum, the system is a drop-in equivalent of traditional pre-programmed DMX authoring and playback packages. It captures content created on other systems, and therefore is also a viable replacement for ageing installations. It provides expected graphical user interfaces, scene and sequence creation, time/event-driven playback, scheduling, and communication with external systems and devices.

Even when employed for non-musical purposes on modest architectural-type fountains, it offers sophisticated functions such as the ability to play combinations of scenes and chases in algorithmically determined ways, resulting in never-repeating patterns.

When employed in conjunction with audio, its power becomes fully apparent. It performs instantaneous analysis on ‘random’ audio to spontaneously transform DMX-controlled fountains into self-choreographing water and light shows. Once "taught," it will run automatically and continuously as a stand-alone system, in perpetuity.

H2Oarts.com Project
H2Oarts Automated Musical Water Feature System
Automation System
an introduction
Westfield University Town Center
La Jolla, CA October 2012
The Shoppes at Westlake Village Southern California
Winter 2014
H2Oarts.com Project
H2Oarts.com Project Video
Miracle Mile Shops
Las Vegas, NV July 2011
H2Oarts Automated Musical Water Feature System
H2Oarts Automated Musical Water Feature System
With merely a proprietary USB-DMX module, H2Oarts musical automation runs on most any Windows computer and supports universes of Art-Net.
A simple USB add-on allows easy external musical automation control via multiple contact closures. It can also control external systems.

“What is the catch” you might ask, and why is there no cut sheet or manual posted online? Well, it is proprietary Windows software and is not licensed in its authoring form. H2Oarts provides the authoring, and ships a runtime (playback) version in conjunction with a proprietary USB-DMX module (which is also Open USB-DMX compatible).

This approach reduces client learning curve to almost zero, and taps H2Oarts’ years of wisdom gained by ongoing use and development. Despite its sophistication and proprietary approach, H2Oarts automation cost competes favorably with anything else out there (except perhaps the enthusiast down the street programming home holiday lights)!

Used with the H2Oarts water feature simulator and the Internet, it is common for smaller scale projects to be implemented without any physical site visits. A tablet, notebook, or small form factor PC is acquired, loaded with close-to final authored product, shipped to site, and then fine-tuned via remote connection.

Because the system scales so dynamically, it is not practical to attempt to publish a price list. In the realm of water features almost every project is unique, so H2Oarts has developed a means of quickly generating cost guidelines when provided with a simple tally of device types and count, and the quantity of content desired.

Please submit your inquiry and we’ll be happy to get right back to you!

See examples of the automation below....

H2Oarts Automated Musical Water Feature System
Washington Harbour Automated Musical Fountain
District of Columbia
September 2012
H2Oarts.com Project
H2Oarts Automated Musical Water Feature System
Automation System Auto Animate for Non-Musical Sequences
A Video Introduction to H2Oarts Automation
The Lorenzo Automated Musical Fountain
Los Angeles January 2014
H2Oarts.com Project

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