Opened in October 2014, The Shoppes at Westlake Village is a Southern California retail center embodying classic Europe. The focal point is a fountain powered by H2Oarts' Musical Water Feature Automation System. Despite its modest diameter of twenty feet, the feature incorporates a multitude of devices for maximum aesthetics. A large-bore center jet is encircled by six individually-controlled Crystal choreoswitch jets centered over a metal cap, from which emanate six powerful horizontal surging streams. Full color LED lights abound, and a fog system adds a unifying element of intrigue. Have an açaí smoothie while enjoying the ebb and flow!
Musical Automation
"Zorba The Greek" [excerpt]
H2Oarts Automation
Ambient Sequences
[day and night]
A Video Introduction to H2Oarts Automation


"The H2Oarts musical automation system has so many sophisticated functions it can be difficult to explain.

A basic example though, is to look at how it can respond to audio volume alone.

Here it is simply actuating six Crystal Fountains choreoswitches when the volume of a bass drum beat crosses a threshold, and vice-versa.

The same function can be used to advance steps in a chase, as illustrated here.

Adding functions such as beat and frequency detection, and specific changes of volume, including rising, quiet and instantaneous threshold, and assigning them to all the DMX-controllable devices of a water feature, make for a rich and entertaining experience...."

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