Cache Creek's interior water wall and exterior fountain were originally programmed (by H2Oarts) in 2004 using a Unison architectural lighting controlller.

In early 2015, an upgrade was made to to the fountain's lighting, which originally consisted of red and white incandescent fixtures with relay-driven on/off switches. Fountain Supply Company provided a set of 10 Crystal Fountains RGB LED fixtures and a Crystal DMX controller they pre-progrmmed with a variety of color schemes.

Later in 2015, Cache Creek asked H2Oarts to provide a means by which they could change water wall and exterior fountain colors with the push of a button. Ultimately, H2Oarts implemented its MAPS system, which not only provides push button controls, but also remote control from anywhere via Internet connected apps. Supporting multiple outputs, MAPS also synchronized the interior and exterior lighting, without removal of the Unison and Crystal systems.

H2Oarts MAPS system for Cache Creek employs two DMX modules to control separate device chains, and includes a 12-channel long-range RF remote for one-button program changes by venue management.

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